Fatness + Linoleum + Breakdancing = Concussion

This is precisely why I gave up the art of breakdancing.  I’m definitely not as much Grimmace from McDonald’s look-a-like and I’ve never knocked myself out while attempting a windmill.  I do, however, recognize that these attempts should only be made by skinny dudes with rhythm.

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4 Comments on “Fatness + Linoleum + Breakdancing = Concussion”

  1. Jordan Says:

    This guy aint fat, looks to be stuffing…

  2. skypeck Says:

    After watching this video for the 57th time, I concur with the stuffing comment. Perhaps he was trying emulate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPPj6viIBmU Breakdance-Syle.

  3. Ahmie Says:

    not only did he stuff, but it was his hand/arm that hit the stove, not his head

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