Women Are The Smartest Drivers

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Women, they’re always right.  I mean, this semi is CLEARLY driving 70mph, in reverse, and perfectly straight.

MY GOD!  How could anyone disagree with this?!


Brett, Meet Adalius. Adalius, Play Nice!

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Photo: BarstoolSports.com

Ok, so it wasn’t as dramatic of Farve crushing game as I predicted a few weeks ago (see previous Favre post), but this picture is awesome.  Favre has the fear of god in his eyes.

I’m not on the Cassel-train quite yet, seeing as it’s only Week 3, but I like what I see so far.  Any predictions for this Sunday against Joey “Did he really just say that?” Porter and his Flippered friends?

Making Light of Wall Street Woes

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Apparently, these two guys are Sal and Richard from the Howard Stern show.  I haven’t listened to that show, well since it was good.  These guys, however, are hilarious.

Rock Out With Your Cross Out!

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If church was this cool, I may have actually kept going after I was confirmed.  These guys have “face melting” guitar riffs, amazing back-up singers (is that Jason Varitek’s dad?), and lyrics clearly crafted by a genius.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the 1:45 mark, truly poetic.  Don’t try iTunes, these guys are way too cool to go mainstream.  It’s all part of their marketing technique.

My Jukebox Hero

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This video is a bit on the longer side, but SO WORTH IT.  How much does this kid rock?!?  I thank god that not all kids are being solely subjected to the Jonas Brothers / Miley Cyrus crap.  After watching this, I will make sure my first born gets heavy dose of Foreigner in his or her infancy.

Palin’s Kid’s Dentist is The Fugitive!

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Dr. Curt Menard, Gov. Sarah Palin's family friend and childhood dentist, looks over her high school yearbook.

Dr. Curt Menard, Gov. Sarah Palin

WASILLA, Alaska (CNN) — It was the night before Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was to accept the Republican vice presidential nomination in a nationally televised speech, and Becky Moore couldn’t sleep a wink.

She paced around her room and prayed before sending Palin an e-mail wishing her good luck.

“I was so nervous for her,” said Moore, a dietitian who lives in Palin’s hometown of Wasilla. “I felt like she was my relative, like she was about to prove herself to the country.”

As much as Moore was hoping for the best, there was a part of her that didn’t want to share her governor and former mayor with the lower 48, a term Alaskans use to refer to their distant countrymen with a mix of playfulness and disdain.

“No matter what happens, we win. If she becomes vice president, the rest of the country will see what a great leader she is. If she loses, we get her back,” Moore said.

Ok, so this article from CNN was brought to my attention by a friend.  Bla, Bla, Bla.  We’ve heard and read enough about the new Vice Presidential hottie to last us another 4 terms.  But Wait!!!  Did you see that dude’s arm?  What mother in her right mind, would subject her child to a dental examination by Dr. Giggles?!?!?!  Heck with the baby’s mama dramas, this is one of those moral lapses in judgement that makes me feel queesy about the possibility of this woman running the country if McCain kicks the bucket!!

Koby Clemens Arrested

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CHICAGO – Koby Clemens, the son of seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, was among three Astros prospects arrested early Sunday morning following a disturbance at a Salem, Va., parking lot at 2 a.m.

Clemens, Mark Ori and Jimmy Goethals were scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning in Salem, said Astros assistant general manager Ricky Bennett, who confirmed the arrests. The Roanoke (Va.) Times reported Clemens and Ori were charged with disorderly conduct and Goethals with assault and battery.

All three spent the night in the Roanoke County-Salem jail before being released, Bennett said.

“We’re still trying to gather some information,” Bennett said. “We’re scheduled to have a court appearance tomorrow morning and that that point, based on the feedback we get, the information we get, we’ll make a decision on what type of punishment will be based.”

None of the three players played in Sunday night’s 9-7 loss to Lynchburg and won’t be in the lineup today when Salem ends its season.

“This type of behavior is not acceptable in our organization,” Bennett said.

“I’ve talked to all three players this morning and told them some type of discipline will be imposed when we get the information and we are through with the process. I’ll sit down with each player and make a decision on what type of discipline will be imposed.”

Clemens, 21, was hitting .269 with 29 doubles and 52 RBIs this season, his first as a catcher in the organization that selected him in the eighth round of the 2005 draft out of Memorial High School.

Ori, 25, is hitting .304 with 11 home runs and 89 RBIs, and Goethals, 26, is a backup catcher who’s been injured since Aug. 10

Roger Clemens, who hasn’t played this season, is currently under FBI investigation whether he lied at the Feb. 13 hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee when he claimed former trainer Brian McNamee never injected him with steroids or human grown hormone.

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Sounds like Koby and Co. have gotten themselves into some roid-rage induced shenanigans.  I don’t care how tough you are naturally or synthetically, your name is still Koby…with a “y.”  Tool.