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October 7, 2008

What an awesome game.  It seems like yesterday, I sat in these very seats (or very close by) to watch Trot Nixon’s walk of homerun in the 11th too keep the Red Sox’s hopes alive in the 2003 ALDS.

Tonight’s late game dramatics came from Jed Lowrie.  Lowrie managed to slap a base hit into through the infield to score Bay all the way from second.

Although Lowrie was the star of the late inning dramatics, you have to tip your cap to the Red Sox ace, Jon Lester, throwing 7 shutout innings to lead the way.

While we’re handing out excellence awards, how about the damn defense?!  Pedroia’s rediculous fielding, Kotsay’s slide, and Tek singlehandedly demonstrating how  Anaheim can’t pull off at suicide squeeze on him.

Tampa Bay, are you ready for this?

God I love baseball.